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About our Leather Belts!

Our leather belts are cut "one at a time" from a premium Full-Grain hide. 


           Why are our belts better?

MADE IN AMERICA with attention to detail: Leather carving, stamping, cutting, burnishing, stitching, bonding, tapering, punching, beveling, and braiding are all accomplished using hand tools. No cookie cutters in our shop. As we strive to be perfect in everything we do and maintain a robust quality control, we realize that the very subtle variations seen in our hand made work adds character to our belts and does not compromise the craftsmanship we guarantee with each leather belt. In short, a leather belt from our shop represents a product MADE IN AMERICA, hand made no less by someone who is skilled and passionate about what they do, who cares about their work. 

Better Materials: Full Grain Leather cannot have been buffed or sanded on the top. It retains its natural texture. Top Grain Leather is the outside or topside of the hide which has the grain. When the natural grain is sanded away and an imitation grain is pressed or embossed into the surface, it is known as Top Grain.

In a nut shell, our Full Grain leather is of the highest quality. All of our belts are made from Full grain Leather. Our Leather belts will make an excellent gift for him or her.

 The term Genuine Leather is deceiving and does not guarantee materials are 100% real leather. Who knew,right?

Our Leather belt finish is comparable to automotive leather in  durability, beauty, and life expectancy. But our leather belt "finish" emphasizes the natural texture of our full grain leather and captures it's natural beauty. 

Our superior belt making process combines full-grain leather materials with the latest leather finishing technologies (borrowed from the auto industry). These belts will last a lifetime with proper care.

Quality Hardware

Snaps: All of our Hand Made leather belts have snaps except for a few special orders; this is solely for the customer’s convenience in changing buckles or keepers when the mood strikes; and they are very durable.

Buckles (sets): We have several suppliers of buckles and buckle-sets to meet the demands of a broad customer base; meaning, some folks may want more durability than bling due to the nature of their needs. Or,  they may lean toward the flashy buckle that is cast; we highly recommend a solid brass or stainless steel buckle. A durable yet attractive buckle will add value to the Full Grain Leather Belt.

Keepers: The same cut of leather that made the belt will be used for the Keeper. However, a keeper from a buckle-set matches the buckle. 



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