Leather BELT CARE!

Remember to always follow our leather belt care guidelines to avoid damage to your leather belt and preserve its natural beauty and maximize its life.

•       Avoid getting leather belts overly wet; but hang them to dry as needed.

•        Do not store leather belts in sunlight.

•        Do not store leather belts in a damp area or you risk a mildew problem.

•        Store leather belts in a cool closet with low humidity.

•        Never store leather belts in a closed plastic bag.

•        Hang your leather belts using Wooden or Broad Plastic Hangers.

•        Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents and paints.

•        Do not attempt to wash as a normal clothing item or Dry Clean.


If you must clean your full grain leather belt (avoid cleaning if possible), try a mild soap and cold water with a sponge. Make sure to dry the leather belt immediately with a soft towel. Do not rub continuously over one spot; this will create a non-uniform appearance. Then use a commercial leather-moisturizing product such as Bick 4 to re-moisten and make it supple again. On non-sealed leathers (like naked leather or Bison) use only Bick 4, a Bickmore leather conditioner that does not have wax.

If you want a professional cleaning, we recommend you mail your full grain leather belt to us. We have the proper tools to clean and recondition your leather belt. We have many belts that are made using the latest oils, dyes, pigments, finishes, and conditioner products. Our belts are finished much like the Automotive Industries Uphostery products. These Full grain leather belts have a soft-polyurathane topcoat that is durable and very long-lasting. A Bickmore travel kit (Bick 1, Bick 4, and Applicator) is all you will ever need to keep your full grain leather belt looking awesome, unless you abuse it. 

Our oiled leathers (good for in-climate weather) will get treated with 100% Neadsfoot oil that should be reapplied after cleanings. 

Again, do not attempt to wash as a normal clothing item and do not Dry Clean.


Buffalo Leather (Bison) Care

Buffalo (Bison) leather is easy to clean and has a smooth finish and strong fibers that prevent any penetration of dust, lint, or animal hair. Cleaning with a soapy cloth directly after a spill is best. We recommend Bick 1 cleaner and Bick 4 conditioner. Buffalo leather responds beautifully to annual conditioning. It develops a rich patina over time that makes it “unique”.

  • The use of general household cleaning products, chemicals and abrasives are not recommended, as they can break down the bison leather’s protective surface and cause damage. Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents (such as furniture polish, ammonia, or detergent soaps) on your buffalo leather. Avoid all products containing silicones, waxes, oils, or especially solvents, as they may negatively affect the buffalo leather’s surface.