Why Leather?

A Leather belt:

  1. Has properties that make it superior to other materials such as fabric.

  2. Has an exceptionally long useful life that usually lasts about 5 times longer than fabric belts.

  3. Will not tear easily and is much stronger than belts made of other fabrics; this is why Bikers wear leather for protection; in case of a fall.

  4. Is more fire resistant than many other fabrics.
  5. Will retain its shape and will not crack or peel.

  6. Breathes, making it comfortable (equally in hot or cold temperatures) unlike many fabrics.

  7. Resists heat and sun damage.

  8. Has class and style.


Why Bison leather?



Our Bison full grain leather (used to make our leather belts) is tanned “naked”, which means it is quite natural and has a great feel to your hand. When finishing our hand made leather belts, we maintain the “hand” of this natural leather.


Hides vary with the individual animal, the time of year the hide was taken, the animal’s age, sex, and maturity. Scars and brands are part of the “story” of each hide that your belt was cut from... The spine line over the hump of the animal is distinctive. 


Our Full Grain Bison leather is a natural material that breathes, a lot like our skin, and absorbs and releases moisture. This gives it excellent temperature adaptation, as it adjusts to our body temperature, making it comfortable during the heat of the Summer and the cool of the Winter. As man-made materials are wearing out, leather becomes more supple and comfortable throughout the years.


The durability of Bison leather is legendary. Its strength and elasticity give it high resistance to ripping. It is flame resistant and will not readily burn or melt.

Bison leather belts conform to your body but will not stretch out of shape when worn correctly. Bison leather is generally for light to medium duty applications such as casual wear or for dressing up. Not recommended for service duty applications due to its soft and flexible nature.